Hello Darlings!

How can it be August already? The first week of August in Puerto Rico means that we will still have  summer heat for a while (yay!) but it also means that school has just started and that my husband is going back to work (boo!).  So today I am sharing with you my July Coups de Coeur (french for favorites) and I hope that you are inspired by it. 

My Monthly Instagram Recap

1. The highlight of July was definitely spending a few days with my family in Montreal and being able to explore amazing coffee shops, see some dear friends, and just enjoy all the diversity of the city I call my first home. 

2. Perfect depiction of our little tradition that we have before every trip or before every grocery purchase day, it has to do with being creative and making a new recipe out of whatever is left in the fridge. Thanks to Project pick it for featuring one of my pictures and the stories I often attach to them! 

3. This month I published a post on one of my childhood frozen treats and I really had fun taking pictures for it. I actually made the Frozen Banana Pops for my Sunday school class of pre-teens that I happen to love and have tons of fun with. 

4. This map picture really depicts how many times we had to pack and unpack for a trip during this month. In between one of those trips I took a little break and treated myself to a mani and pedi at our local Essie Nail bar. I wish you one close by. 

5. Once again, I participated in this month's "Between Lenses" photography collaboration created by two great bloggers and curated by any blogger that desires to link up. This month's theme was "movement" and this is the picture I chose to share. 

6. Last but not least a picture of my husband's hands pouring coffee for both of us, one of my favorite pictures I took this past month. Thanks to Village Style community for featuring this picture on their Instagram account. 

My Coups de Coeur

My favorite bloggers have launched a second app that happens to be really fun, especially for photo strips.  Have you downloaded the Party App? What do you think?  

Have you ever had an Instagram crush? This blogger, that also happens to be a stylist and a designer for children's clothes, is one of the reasons I spend too much time on Instagram in the first place. She blogs about her life in Brooklyn with her little girl, new born baby, and husband. I love how real about life she is and how colorful her thrifted wardrobe is. Welcome to the new baby! 

A great find for me lately has been the "Printable Planner for Procrastinators" created by Sofia Cope. It is really colorful and features a beautifully design I'm sure will inspire you to take action , the first of which should be taking advantage of the discount you can find on her website until August 15, 2014. 

Thanks to a fellow blogger that has been a guest here, I am now completely hooked on podcasts by Jess Lively (The Lively Show). My recent, over eager attitude when volunteering to do dishes may give it away because now I get to listen them while I clean. The podcasts are short and varied. She brings all these amazing people to talk about their business experience in such a fun and relevant way. 

Discovered a new Christian Magazine, that makes a magazine lover like me very happy. Deeply Rooted Magazine is about to publish their second printed issue, but you can also get them digitally. For a visual person like me, that also loves to talk and connect with people that have faith, this magazine is a breath of fresh air. 

Also if you haven't done it, I suggest that you download the "She Reads Truth" app to read the Bible with a great community of women, accompanied by beautiful photography and beautifully designed study packs. I am currently a little behind because I started the "Sermon on the Mount" study a bit late but I am enjoying it so much. 

"God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him,

    for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs | Matthew 5:3"
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