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Hello beautiful people!

Just like I announced last week, today’s post will be the start of a series called ‘I love me!’. I will break the series down into short posts that will encompass different areas of a woman’s life. I am excited about where this little introspection adventure could take us because I would like it to be an open discussion and hear about your own experiences.

So today I joined the discussion proposed by Darling Magazine and Soul Pancake in this great clip (please watch before or after you read this post), both wonderful movements (for lack of a better word) that speak positively when redefining beauty and womanhood.

Let’s sit around this nicely decorated table, serve yourself some coffee, tea or a smoothie maybe, and let’s talk about these questions that are sometimes hard to answer but so necessary to address.

Am I at my ideal size?
Not according to the scale I occasionally read. I am a little over my ideal weight but I have learned to work and live in a way that promotes a healthy weight as oppose to merely ideal. This happened when I realized that whether at my smallest size or at my biggest, I never seemed to achieve ideal. There was always more, less, different, which led to frustration and emptiness because as I painfully discovered, I was after unattainable standards dictated by the glossy pages of magazines I love so much. When I understood that God was not only concerned about my soul but also about my mind and body, I asked Him for a different and better way. I educated myself concerning nutrition and I have since then made changes to become a healthier me. I have noticed that every time I do something good for my body, I grow to love it more.

When was the first time you felt you were not "pretty" enough?
It was in fourth grade when a boy in my class told me that I was fat because I had bigger breasts then any of the other girls in my class. It was a lie that I unfortunately believed. I had physically developed a lot quicker than the rest of my female classmates. It was a stupid comment this boy made but it robbed me of my naïve innocence, which dictated that it was common knowledge that I was beautiful (mostly because my father said so). Many other unfortunate evnts happened to my body later on that further stripped me away of my innocence and led me to be completely disconnected from my body.

What have you done or still do to promote a healthy self image? (or love for your own body)
I decide daily to use my energy to focus on my strengths and traits that I love about myself instead of wasting it by wishing to attain other people’s beauty. In practice this means that I don’t entertain negative thoughts or comments that may bring me down in any way. I no longer hang out with people that only talk about losing weight and dieting; I exercise and try to maintain a healthy diet. I mean I still dream of one day waking up as a red head but until that day comes, I will rock my brunette locks with pride (especially since my husband has a weakness for this particular brunette). I have painted a beautiful quote on a huge mirror in front of my bed that says: “You are altogether beautiful in every way.” (Song of Songs 4:7) and I must read it at least 50 times a day because it has been placed in a key place. I also, make it my business to compliment others often about their own beauty and their own strength, and for some reason, in return, it makes me feel more beautiful and further deepens my love for the body God gave me.

When do you feel the most beautiful?
I feel the most beautiful when I laugh (a hard, belly aching laughter) because it feels like for a few seconds I am at my most authentic self. I also feel beautiful when I have peace; you know that peace after you have taken an important decision and for some reason you just feel really relieved that you finally made up your mind. Or the peace that only God can give you in the midst of the scariest storms, yeah, that one does wonders to my skin, my eyes and my smile. Finally I feel beautiful, when I catch my husband staring at me in awe of my beauty when I am totally not trying to be cute, it feels like he is tapping into a beauty that only my loved ones can see.

What about you? Please do tell! Join the conversation below.

I am in love with the Poem of Natalie Patterson at the end of the clip. It brought tears to my eyes and I felt that we can all relate to her words, I know I do. 

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