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nuance photography

Visual Content Creator and Instagram Workshop Facilitator 


nuance photography

Visual Content Creator and Instagram Workshop Facilitator 

i know you’re an authentic, talented creative. It's why you're here. 

Let’s make your visual content as amazing as the heart you've poured into your project.


You’re are a creative entrepreneur with passion and skill. You have this rich eye for art and culture that pours out of everything you do. You’re not happy to just do things the way everyone else does.  You love pushing boundaries, thinking and creating outside the box, and trying new things for the adventure and creativity of it all.


You are a force of art and a catalyst for change. You know that you’re good at what you do, but you are lacking the imagery to help you tell your story well... With the same soul and with integrity you have in your heart.


Let's work together to use your Instagram to easily and effectively build a community that resonates with what you have to offer.



My name is Valerie and I provide visual content and educational classes and resources for creative entrepreneurs.


I believe that your visuals can tell the powerful and emotional story of your work.


I see the power in community and collaboration and how it can make your beautiful happen. I am excited to see you enjoy your craft, own your passion and stand out from the crowd because when you show the world what you do and who you are, it is inspiring.


You don’t need to waste your time or break your bank looking for creative content and imagery any longer. You don’t need to use free, generic content cheats you from being able to stand out in your industry in a powerful way. Trust me, I know. You deserve so much more. There is a better way.


 when I get in your corner, I do the work for you, delivering visuals that make you shine and are one hundred percent you.


You get to focus on your work. I get to help you showcase just how good it is.

Next thing you know, you’re standing out, telling your story and building something that people want to be a part of and that you can be proud of.


Let’s chat about how we can make your brand shine with storytelling visuals. You can send me an email here or hang out with me on Instagram.


Instagram class

Have you been wondering how to snap beautiful pictures for your Instagram? How to get featured on your favorite Instagram accounts and how to naturally grow your following? If that's the case, sign up to get updates on the upcoming dates for this class. Available in English and Spanish.  

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Faith and Lifestyle blog that exists to uplift and add intention to a young woman's journey. I share tips, recipes, DIY and photography tutorials. Read the blog.


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